Institutional Effectiveness

“What I have found so great about AOMA, that I did not experience in my other lives as student and educator, is the willingness to look at what is going on, to think about how it can be better, and to actually make changes based on that information (this last piece was usually missing). This is what I appreciate the most about AOMA and what makes me feel confident that I am in a supportive community that is committed to my success as a student and as an acupuncturist.” ~ AOMA Student (2009 Student Survey)

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness provides leadership and assistance in ongoing, institution-wide assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement of AOMA’s academic programs and administrative services. The table below provides quick reference to facts about the acupuncture school.




Current Results

Program Completion Rates

70% of AOMA students Graduate.

 77% Completed within 4 years and 3 months

Performance on board exams

AOMA students exceed national averages.


Licensure rates

90% Licensed within 1 year of graduation and 99% licensed within 2 years of graduation.

 2015: 90% of graduates licensed within one 1 year.

2015: 93% of graduates licensed within 2 years.

99.9% licensed

*Data from AOMA 2015 Alumni Survey (11.8% response rate)


Cara Edmond, LMSW
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Continuing Education
Phone: 512-492-3009