Institutional Effectiveness

“I loved my experience at AOMA. I felt confident to start my practice directly out of school. The demanding course load and wonderfully patient, knowledgeable, staff, were excellent preparation to begin my private practice which focuses on populations with little to no financial access to health care.” ~ AOMA Alumni (2017 REEGS Survey)

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness provides leadership and assistance in ongoing, institution-wide assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement of AOMA’s academic programs and administrative services. The table below provides quick reference to facts about the acupuncture school.




Current Results

Program Completion Rates

From 2004-2014, 62% of AOMA students graduated.

In the current cohorts of 2014-2018, 88% are actively pursuing their studies.


Of the AOMA students who graduated between July1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, 76% completed the MAcOM program within four years and three months.

Performance on board exams

AOMA students exceed national averages. *


Licensure rates

90% Licensed within 1 year of graduation and 99% licensed within 2 years of graduation*


2017: 90.4% of graduates licensed within one 1 year.

2017: 94% of graduates licensed within 2 years.

96.4% licensed

*Data from AOMA 2017 Alumni Survey (15% response rate)


Danielle Manor
Manager Institutional Effectiveness and Continuing Education
Phone: 512-492-3003