Continuing Education Credits

Southwest Symposium 2017

"The Spirit and Science of Integrative Medicine"

May 5-7, 2017

Austin, Texas

Continuing Acupuncture Education

Texas acupuncturists need to complete at least 17 hours of continuing acupuncture education every 12 months. CAE hours should be counted from December 1 - November 30. The Approved Courses List gives four types of courses: General, Herbal, Ethics, Practice Management/General, and Biomedicine. To ensure compliance with Board Rules, at least 8 hours annually must be General, 1 hour must be Ethics, and at least 2 hours must be Herbal. No more than two of the remaining hours may be Practice Management/General. Effective for acupuncturists registering on or after November 30, 2010, one hour of Biomedicine CAE will be required.  Please visit the TMB website for more details on Continuing Acupuncture Education. Hours approved by NCCAOM are accepted by the Texas Board.

Florida - Approved

California - Pending

NCCAOM - Approved

American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) - Approved

Nurse Continuing Education
Naturopath Continuing Education

The Southwest Symposium team is partnering with the Texas Association of Naturopathic Doctors to bring excellent Naturopath continuing education to the Southwest Symposium. This hallmark relationship affirms AOMA's commitment to acupuncture continuing education and also to the institution’s intent to provide an authentic, in-practice integrative medicine conference.

NDs New to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The Southwest Symposium will be offering CE's from top-tier naturopath educators. However, Naturopaths can attend any course they choose (see list of approved courses if you plan to receive credit). If this is your first time to our conference, and you have little to no prior experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we recommend that you read The National Institute of Health (NIH) & The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine's (NCCAM) overview.  There is also a wealth of information available from using an internet search engine to find more introductory information on TCM.

A list of courses that will be especially useful for new-to-TCM attendees will be added to this page at a later date.  (Please check back for updates)

The remaining courses, listed below, will provide technical information that NDs will understand, in addition to in-depth TCM concepts.  It is therefore recommended that the ND have prior background in TCM or that acquire facility with intermediate TCM information before the conference in order to facilitate comprehension and integration of the TCM concepts presented below.





Pricing information is available on the Symposium pricing page.

Earning Contact Hours

In order to earn contact hours, the ND must be present for the entire session, sign-in and out of the class, and complete & return their tracking form.  This form must be returned to the Symposium registration desk at the end of the conference.

Massage Continuing Education

Texas – Accepts NCCAOM credits

Licensed Massage Therapist CE

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (CE#1677) is approved to offer massage therapy continuing education to providers through the Texas Department of State Health Services.


To obtain CAE’s for any given class, you need to arrive on time, sign in, stay until the end of the session, and turn in a Statement of Attendance and Evaluation Form for each session you attend.  Partial credit will not be given for late arrivals or early departures.  The CAE attendance forms will be processed at the end of the Symposium.  Certificates will be mailed to the address you provided on your registration form within 30 days of the program date.

Duplicate certificates will be provided for a fee of $10.00 per reprint, paid in advance. You may pay online by visiting: Certificate Reprints

All requests must be made in writing and include: name, address, phone number, email address, and year of attendance.  Please submit requests via email to, or fax 512-454-7001, or by mail to:  

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine
Attn: CE
4701 West Gate Blvd
Austin, TX 78745

Please note that we cannot accept verbal requests or voice messages.  For more information about your certificate contact call 512-492-3009 or 800-824-9987, ext. 209.

Contact us at or 800-824-9987 x209.