Past Speakers

Southwest Symposium 2018

September 21-23, 2018

Austin, Texas


2017: "The Spirit and The Science of Integrative Medicine"
  • Takayuki Koei Kuwahara LAc

  • Jill Stansbury ND

  • Zev Rosenberg LAc

  • Roger Jahnke OMD

  • Robin DiPasquale ND, RH (AHG)

  • Lori Stargrove ND, and Mitchell Stargrove ND, LAc

  • Hianhe Tian PhD

  • Monica Alleman DNP

  • Chris Axelrad MSOM, LAc, FABORM

  • Jing Fan Phd, MD (China), LAc

  • Chen Yen

  • Rosa Schnyer DAOM, LAc

2016: "World Medicine"
  • Mazin Al-Khafaji - Introduction to Dermatology in Chinese Medicine

  • Roger Jahnke - Mind-Body Energetics: Qigong and Tai Chi in the Clinical Setting

  • KP Khalsa - Ayurvedic Herbs for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

  • Rosita Arvigo - Women's Health and Wellness:  The Maya Way

  • Will Morris: Profection

  • Yongxin Fan - Neck and Shoulder Pain with Tuina and Acupuncture

  • Dongxin Ma - Treatment of Women’s Infertility and Skin Diseases

  • Galina V. Roofener - TCM Herbal Practice Safety Standards & Medical Errors Prevention Guidelines: Cleveland Clinic Model

  • Kirsten Karchmer and Rob Krassowski - Beyond Infertility: New Strategies for Improving Precision Diagnosis and Prescribing for Women

  • Song Luo - Three Talent Acupuncture Technique and Ancient Classical Chinese Herbs for the Rehabilitation of Pediatric Stroke

  • David Winston - The Ten Tastes: The Energetics of Herbs

  • Robin Murphy - Treating Neurological Diseases with Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Qigong

2015: "Spirit of the Medicine"
  • Mikio Sankey, PhD, LAc - The Hun Follow the Shen: The Path to Your Inner Sp

  • Edward Neal, MD - Introduction to Neijing Classical Acupuncture and Neijing Classical Channel Theory

  • Paul Anderson, ND - Epigenetics, Genetics and the Spectrum of Human Health

  • Jason Blalack, MS, LAc - Qin Bowei's 56 Methods: A Focus on Wind and Phlegm Conditions

  • Mary Bove, ND, AHD - The Neuroendocrine Digestive Connection: Exploring the Impact of Stress on Digestive Health

  • Lillian Bridges - Signs of Personality in the Face: Correlating Personality Traits and Diseases

  • Jeffrey Dann, PhD, LAc - Koshi Balancing: Integrated Acupuncture Manual Medicine, a Japanese Approach to Structural Alignment

  • John Finnell, ND, MPH, LAc - Hormesis and Aging: From Anti-Aging Medicine to Lifestyle, and Back Again

  • Holly Guzman, LAc - Trimesters

  • Peter D. Lichtenstein, D.C., LAc - Fertility and the Yin Wei Mai: A Segmental Approach to Regulating the Cycle

  • Stanley Reiser, MD, MPA, PhD - Ethics in Practice

  • Constance Scharff, PhD - The Spirit of the Medicine: Practitioner Self-Care, Spiritual Health, Mental Balance, and Boundry Setting

  • David Twicken, DOM, LAc - Medical Qi Gong: The Healing Sounds, Animal Frolics, and the Microcosmic Orbit; Four Pillars and Health

  • Qianzhi (Jamie) Wu. PhD, LAc - Pediatric Diseases with its TCM Treatment

  • Janet Zand, OMD, LAc - Introduction to Conventional Blood Work and the TCM Practitioner

2014: "Heart of the Medicine"
  • Master Jungfeng Li - Qigong I: Gathering Healing Qi, Qigong II: Processing Qi, Qigong III: Alchemy of Qi

  • Cara Frank - Treating Acute and Chronic Rhinitis and Sinusitis

  • Katherine Anderson - Whole Hearted Oncology Care: An Integrative Approach Classical Acupuncture

  • Karchmer/Arredondo - Building an Integrative Fertility Practice

  • Lonny Jarrett - Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine

  • Mazin Al-Khafaji - Dermatology in Chinese Medicine

  • Dr. Young - Master Tung Acupuncture

  • Yuxin He - Heart-Based Acupuncture & Herbal Treatment Protocols for Anxiety Disorders

  • Andrews/Neuzil - Hijacked Hormones, Environmental Toxins and Permaculture

  • Eric Yarnell - Prostate Cancer: Myths and Realities

  • Grace Tan - Healing the Eyes the Natural Way

2013: "Integral Medicine"
  • Mark Blumenthal - A Research Review on the Safety and Benefits of Herbs in Clinical Trials

  • Lillian Bridges - Facial Diagnosis - The Psychological and Emotional Underlay of Disease

  • Jake Fratkin - Applying Blood Test Information in TCM Internal Medicine (Friday) & Leaky Gut Syndrome - TCM Treatment Protocols (Saturday)

  • Leslie Korn - Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature, and the Body

  • Junfeng Li - Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong - Parts 1, 2, & 3

  • Paul Magarelli - Integrative Medicine Approach to Pregnancy and its Complications (Saturday) & Military Integrative Medicine (Sunday)

  • Edward Neal - Introduction to Neijing Classical Acupuncture and Neijing Classical Channel Theory

  • Mikio Sankey - Esoteric Acupuncture Intensive: Level 2

  • Rosa Schnyer - Bridging the Research Gap:  Making Research Applicable for your Practice

  • Michael Schroeder - Ways to Bullet Proof Your Practice Legally and Ethically

  • Sadhna Singh - Integrative Medicine Approach to Pregnancy and its Complications

  • Coleen Smith - Integrative Medicine Approach to Pregnancy and its Complications

  • Violet Song - TCM Herbal Preparations

  • Erin Taliaferro - Military Integrative Medicine

  • Hirofumi Tanaka - Exploring the Benefits of Oriental Medicine: A Research Perspective

2012: "Essential Medicine"
  • Marilyn Allen - Ethical Practice of Acupuncture

  • Mark Blumenthal - Quality Control Challenges in the Global Herbal Marketplace

  • Yongxin Fan - Acupuncture and Bodywork for Neck and Back Pain

  • Jake Fratkin - Adreanal Fatigue and Hypothyroidims

  • Steve Gagne - Food Energetics

  • Bill Helm - Tuina for PMS and Dysmenorrhea

  • Master Junfeng Li - Shen Zhen Healing Qi Gong: Parts 1-3

  • Leslie Korn - Physical Responses to Mental Health, Nutrition, and Trauma

  • Paul Magarelli - Chinese Reproductive Medicine (presenting w/Ray Rubio & Sadhna Singh)

  • Marlene Merritt - Traditional Diets, Modern Misunderstanding (presenting w/Will Mitchell)

  • Will Mitchell - Traditional Diets, Modern Misunderstanding (presenting w/Marlene Merritt)

  • Ray Rubio - Chinese Reproductive Medicine (presenting w/Paul Magarelli & Sadhna Singh)

  • Mikio Sankey - Esoteric Acupuncture: Parts 1 & 2

  • Yaron Seidman - Hunyuan Classical Chinese Medicine and Infertility: Parts 1 & 2

  • Sadhna Singh - Chinese Reproductive Medicine (presenting w/Paul Magarelli & Ray Rubio)

  • Hirofumi Tanaka - Battle of TCM vs. Western Medicine

  • Wei-Chieh Young - Medical Yi-Jing: Parts 1 & 2 (translation by Christine Chang)

2011: "Evolution of the Profession"
  • Mazin Al-Khafaji - Treatment of Psoriasis & Skin Diseases with Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Chris Axelrad - Integrative Treatment of Male Subfertility (presenting with P. Magarelli)

  • Diane Cridennda - Fitting the Pieces of the PCOS Puzzle (presenting with P. Magarelli)

  • Thea Elijah - Spirit of the Herbs

  • Sean Hanna - From Combat to Clinic: Effective Medicine for Veterans

  • Master Junfeng Li - Shen Zhen Healing Qi Gong: Parts 1-3

  • Paul Magarelli - Chinese Reproductive Medicine (presenting with C. Axelrad, D. Cridennda, and S. Singh)

  • Marlene Merritt - Traditional Nutrition for Modern Patients(presenting w/Will Mitchell)

  • Will Mitchell - Traditional Nutrition for Modern Patients (presenting w/Marlene Merritt)

  • Mike Schroeder - Ways to Bullet Proof Your Practice Legally and Ethically

  • Sadhna Singh - Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: An Integrated TCM Perspective (presenting with P. Magarelli)

  • Hirofumi Tanaka - Current & Future TCM Research in Vascular Health

  • Arnaud Versluys - Introduction to Canonical Chinese Medicine (Parts 1 & 2)

  • Wei-Chieh Young - The Elucidation of the Five Transport Points in Classical Acupuncture (Parts 1 & 2) (translation by Christine Chang)

  • Zheng Zeng - Acupuncture for Prenatal and Postnatal Care