Jing Fan

Theory Exploration and Clinical Application of “Two Dan Four Shen” Formulas in Chinese Jingfang (Classical Remedies) System

Chinese herbal formulas are typically distinguished as Jingfang (classical remedies) or Shifang (contemporary remedies). Jingfang (classical remedies) is a form of Chinese herbology, which contains selected herbs, and where herbs are combined for greater efficiency. Many of the formulas of Jingfang were created by the pioneers of Chinese medicine and are quite old. The original composition mechanism of Jingfang is always unclear to today’s people as well as its application. This presentation will introduce the deep composition mechanism and the clinical application of six classic formulas named “Two Dan Four Shen” in “Fuxing Jue Zangfu Yongyao Fayao”, which are the keys to understand the characteristics of classical formulas design in “Shanghan Lun” and “Jinggui Yaolue”.

About Jing Fan

Jing Fan, PhD, MD (China) served as instructor at Harvard Medical School and guest faculty at Johns Hopkins University. He recently finished a two-year, postdoctoral research fellowship at Harvard Medical School. He has a concentration in pre-modern tuina techniques.

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