Takayuki Koei Kuwahara

"Acupuncture for Children"

Acupuncture for Children

Hari is safe and gentle for babies and children.  We practice Shoni-Hari, which is a form of Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture.  Shoni-Hari is intended for children from birth to about 12 years old.  We do not insert needles into children.  We use a special pediatric needle that is gently stroked on the meridians.  The children enjoy their treatments and get relief from asthma, headache, and abdominal pain.  In Japan, Shoni-Hari is highly regarded as a preventive medical treatment.  Regular Shoni-Hari treatments help strengthen the parent-child relationship and improve the spiritual and emotional development of the child. 

from http://culia.net/culiakiclinic/ourvision.html

About Takayuki Koei Kuwahara

Takayuki Koei Kuwahara, LAc has been practicing Acupuncture for 40 years in Boston and Japan, employing both classical Japanese Acupuncture and Japanese Medical Ki Gong.  After graduating from Tokyo Therapeutic Institute in 1979, he went on to complete an intensive five-year apprenticeship with Mr. Fukushima, renowned practitioner and developer of the Toyo Hari.  

Having taught for the Toyo Hari Association for 15 years, he now teaches his unique (Hari) style of acupuncture that draws from the various systems practiced by his teachers:  Sensei Shimada (Kototama), Shiomi, Ikeda, Shudo (Meridican therapy), Kudo (bloodletting), Tanioka (pediatrics), and Nakagawa (Shinkiko/Ki Gong).

Since visiting the NESA in 1991, he has taught several advanced JAS courses in many parts of the world.  He has also practiced Aikido and Iaido for 45 years.  Takayuki currently lives in Watertown, MA where he maintains a private practice.