AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine Announces New Mission Statement

Published Nov 06, 2015

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine is committed to inspiring its community with the announcement of its new mission statement. The school spent six months uniting and engaging stakeholders in defining the future of the organization. This community-based work resulted in the newly adopted mission statement:
"The Mission of AOMA is to transform lives and communities through education, patient care, leadership and research in Oriental and other integrative medicines."
While the fundamentals remain the same, the graduate school is reigniting its passion and strengthening its commitment to four areas: education, patient care, leadership, and research. This change reflects AOMA’s understanding of the great challenges faced by healthcare providers and the excitement and dedication that the wholistic health community will draw on to answer those challenges. 
Inclusive of both Oriental and other integrative medical practices, the new mission reinforces the graduate school’s foundation in Oriental medicine, while providing opportunity for growth in the coming years to address new changes and challenges in the field.
According to AOMA President Will Morris, "The mission forms the compass by which the leadership guides the institution. It is a statement that is a synthesis of all stakeholders within the AOMA community."
AOMA is proud to be a leader and resource in the wholistic healthcare community by integrating science and practice, teaching and leadership, patient care and community care. 
About AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine: 
AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine offers masters and doctoral level degree programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, preparing its students for careers as skilled, licensed practitioners. AOMA is known for its internationally recognized faculty, award-winning student clinical internship program, and robust Chinese herbal medicine program. AOMA conducts 20,000± patient visits annually in its student and professional clinics, and collaborates with Western healthcare institutions including the Seton Family of Hospitals, Peoples Community Clinic, Austin Pain Associates, and Council on Recovery. AOMA gives back to the community through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and by providing free and reduced price treatments to people who cannot afford them. AOMA is located at 4701 West Gate Blvd, and also serves patients and retail customers at its north Austin location, 2700 West Anderson Lane. For more information see or call 512-492-3034.

2014 Annual Report

Published Mar 06, 2015

View the AOMA 2014 Annual Report online.

Download a PDF of the 2014 Annual Report.


As we usher in the 21st year of AOMA’s extraordinary contributions to our mission of transforming lives and communities through graduate education in Oriental medicine it is appropriate to pause and reflect on the nature of our achievements. AOMA, without reservation, represents quality and discipline in the medical arts and sciences. This year, too, we achieved the highest level of regional accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), thereby affirming our commitment to our students and their learning experience.

Our graduates hold leadership roles in national and state associations in the development of the field. Two AOMA graduates currently serve on the board of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Another is the president of the Mississippi Oriental Medical Association, and yet another’s contribution is found in his work as president of the Texas Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Their organizational skills are changing the world that AOMA graduates will enter. Alumna Marlene Merritt is transforming the field through research and publishing in the area of nutrition while Kirsten Karchmer is engaged through her service as president of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

Students and faculty provide services to people in need. AOMA faculty present at conferences worldwide and publish books that influence the development of the profession. Our patients keep AOMA clinics a thriving place to learn and heal.

In 2014, AOMA also experienced a changing of the guard. Anne Province, who served AOMA for nearly ten years, retired from her most recent role as the Vice President of Student Services and Operations, and both students and faculty will miss her even as we wish her a joyful and fulfilling next stage of life. We welcomed Donna Hurta as the Vice President of Finance and Operations and AOMA also gained a new governing board member with the appointment of Michelle Sierpina, PhD.


William R.  Morris

AOMA Names New Assistant Director of Clinics and Programs

Published Feb 19, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas, February 19, 2015 — AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (AOMA) recently announced the appointment of Blake Gordon, ND, LAc, as the new Assistant Director of Clinics and Programs.

Gordon earned bachelor and master's degrees in biology from Stephen F. Austin State University, in Nacogdoches, Texas. She later obtained a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), in Tempe, Arizona. Blake fell in love with acupuncture while at SCNM, an after graduation, continued her education at AOMA and earned a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree.

Gordon is a highly integrative practitioner, employing a variety of therapies including acupuncture, cupping, food therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and supplementation to equip each patient with the tools they need to achieve their level of wellness.

She will be assisting Lesley Hamilton, LAc, MSOM, MACM and John Finnell, ND, MSAOM, MPH, LAc to augment the programs and clinical opportunities available to the students enrolled in both the master's and doctoral programs. This will entail coordinating academic and certificate programs and all the activities of the program directors. She'll be responsible for administration of the clinical portion of the programs' goals aimed at instilling in AOMA graduates the knowledge, skills and values reflected by AOMA's statement of purpose, vision and goals, and the programs' goals and learning outcomes as they relate to the clinical activities and develops new clinical opportunities.

Gordon is in the midst of helping the Student Veterans of America Organization coordinate a seminar to focus on additional training in draping techniques and body mechanics. “I am looking forward to working with the students and seeing this project come to fruition” says Gordon.

“I'm excited to be involved with bettering our students' clinical experience and giving them foundational tools they need to become the best acupuncturists they chose to be” says Gordon.

AOMA Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website

Published Feb 11, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas, February 11, 2015 — AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine has launched a new, responsive website,, designed to serve the needs of students, faculty, patients, and prospective students.

The new, mobile-friendly website combines a comprehensive listing of degree programs, clinical offerings, continuing education, and community resources, including a searchable alumni directory. “The new site is modern and easy to navigate. It is a valuable source of information about AOMA and the field of acupuncture and Chinese medical education,” said President Dr. William Morris.

The website includes an improved online store featuring products from the AOMA Herbal Medicine stores, as well as a streamlined platform to process student fees and registration payments for continuing education and informal classes. New forms and social network integration features ensure an engaging experience for site visitors.

The project to redesign the website began in January 2014 with a comprehensive study of user needs. “We surveyed our students and patients to determine their day-to-day requirements of the platform, as well as looked at web analytics to determine our parameters for development,” said project manager Sarah Bentley. “We knew we needed to move to a ‘mobile-first’ website, and I believe our final product is both inspiring and intuitive.”

AOMA Celebrates the Career and Retirement of Anne E. Province

Published Jan 29, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas, January 23, 2015 — Anne E. Province retires from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (AOMA) after ten years of dedicated service with the academic institution, concluding a 40-year career in business, higher education administration, and teaching. She will complete her tenure at AOMA on January 31, 2015.

After an early career in Dallas as a systems consultant and marketing manager, Anne moved to Austin in 1983 to work at St. Edward's University. As Associate Vice President for Planning and Information, Province was responsible for overseeing the university's strategic planning and information technology operations. Her interest in human formation and development led her to a second master's degree, and she joined the staff at Seton Cove, an ecumenical center for spiritual formation.

Province had a marked impact on AOMA’s modern development. She came to AOMA in 2005 as the Director of Institutional Effectiveness to assist the school in attaining regional accreditation. Promoted to Vice President of Student Services and Institutional Effectiveness in 2007, she became AOMA’s Vice President of Student Services and Operations in 2009. From 2009-2012 Province also taught a capstone course in the AOMA curriculum, Practice Management 1-3, and has been a guest lecturer in the doctoral program on Eco-Psycho-Social Pain.

During her tenure, AOMA achieved significant strategic objectives, including:

●     Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board reauthorization in 2006 and 2008

●     Regional accreditation candidacy and membership with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) (2007, 2009)

●     Substantive change for the new campus with SACSCOC (2010)

●     Substantive change to doctoral level (Level V) with SACSCOC (2011)

●     DAOM program approval through SACSCOC (2014)

●     New campus design, build-out, and move from north to south Austin  (2011)

●     Rebranding of the institution from Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin to AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (2010)

●     Development of student and alumni success programs, including career services and student organizations

In addition to her work at AOMA, Anne has maintained a private practice in spiritual direction, and served as adjunct faculty at St. Edward's, the Seminary of the Southwest, and for the Formation in Direction program of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. She also served on the boards of Hospice Austin and the Care Communities.

Pat Hayes, former President of St. Edward’s University and retired Chief Operating Officer of Seton Healthcare Family, worked with Province in her previous positions. Hayes recalls, “Anne Province has a singular ability to organize and complete complex projects that create huge institutional advancement.  At AOMA, much of that project leadership focused on the successful pursuit of accreditation, a milestone accomplishment for the school.  But it is just as noteworthy that Anne carries out her work with great empathy and care for students and co-workers.  Both at St. Edward’s University when we worked together and at AOMA, Anne was a powerful behind-the-scenes player who had a major impact on the culture and success of the organization.”

In the fall of 2014 Anne moved into a special-projects role for AOMA, working on new program development and regulatory compliance. In addition to these key contributions, Province has brought comfort and stability to staff and students. Her guidance and compassion will be greatly missed.

"The AOMA family has transformed me, just as our mission promises.  I will especially miss the extraordinary faculty led by Dr. Jamie Wu, AOMA's diverse and inspiring students, and the dedicated staff, administrators, and governing board. My experience with this community has been a privilege and a blessing," says Province.

AOMA wishes Anne a peaceful yet fulfilling retirement. For the first six months she plans to travel to Big Bend, northern New Mexico, northern California, and New York City. She will continue teaching and her spiritual direction practice, and looks forward to more time for gardening, photography, art, and reading.