Acupuncture for Pain Management

Are you looking for pain relief? Give acupuncture a try for your pain management in Austin,TX. 

Chances are you know someone who has either chronic or acute pain. Pain affects 116 million Americans on any given day, according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. Although acute pain is a normal sensation that is triggered by the nervous system to inform your body of a possible injury that may need more care, chronic pain is different. Chronic pain can persist because an injury never fully healed or because pain signals continue to fire in the nervous system. 


Acupuncture sends signals to the brain to reevaluate the injury and turn off any pain receptors that are unnecessary. Acupuncture relaxes the muscles, bringing relief to tight or stressed tissues. Asian bodywork and cupping are additional techniques that help break up bound tissues and bring more blood flow to the area. Unlike pharmaceutical pain-relievers, acupuncture is free of cumulative side effects, and is completely non-addictive. 


Acupuncture, the most well-known traditional Chinese medical procedure, is the practice of inserting thin needles into the body at specific points to relieve pain or treat a disease. Acupuncture triggers spontaneous healing reactions in the body, and scientific studies have proven its efficacy for treating inflammation, pain, depression and a host of other disorders.