China Study Trip

Join AOMA as we explore China.

AOMA China Study Trip

AOMA is committed to providing a well-rounded education as part of our effort to become the best Chinese medical program in the country. Our faculty maintains connections with international colleagues and institutions in service not only to the profession but also to our students. AOMA offers a study-abroad program in China that is but one aspect of an ongoing collaboration with the Chengdu University of Traditional Oriental Medicine. The program is currently offered every 2 years, pending sufficient enrollment.  This program gives students the opportunity to spend several weeks studying in China.

Participating in the China Study Trip is life-changing, thrilling, and immensely rewarding, and it can affect your course sequences and graduation date. AOMA's academic advisors can assist you with the necessary academic preparations.  

The Study Program

Our study trip takes place in Chengdu, or “Perfect Metropolis.” Chengdu is not only the capital city; it is also the administrative, cultural, educational, and industrial center of the Sichuan Province. We travel in the spring, a beautiful time of year in China. Chengdu University offers a wide range of lectures and also gives students the opportunity to gain valuable observational clinical experience under the supervision of the host teachers and professors. Translators are on hand to ensure clear communication.

China Study Trips are led by established and respected AOMA faculty. The 2016 China Study Trip included 15 AOMA students, with Dr. Grace Tan as their guide. 

Registration for our next China Study Trip will open in the late spring of 2017.

China Study Tour Contact

Tara Lattimore, Academic Advisor,

Dr. Grace Tan,

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