DAcOM Course Curriculum

DAcOM Specific Coursework

In addition to the DAcOM Core Curriculum from the doctoral specialty track, DAcOM learners will take the RQ0145 DAcOM Portfolio and Practice-Based Learning and Improvement course (3 credits), and chose an elective track to complete 12 credits.

Please Note: The DAcOM program contains all of the current MAcOM requirements plus additional competencies

DAcOM Core Curriculum
  • SP 6011 Advanced Clinical Assessment in Integrative TCM Practice

  • SP 6012 Principles of Nutritional Medicine 

  • SP 6013 Nutrition and Functional Medicine

  • SP 6021 Advanced TCM and Modern Treatment Techniques

Specialty Elective Track

In the specialty track, students may select courses from the clinical specialty DAOM curriculum they wish to take and that are not already included in the DAcOM curriculum. Courses include leadership, teaching and learning, and a variety of topics within the specialty of pain and associated ecopsychosocial phenomena. A scholarly product from each course becomes a portfolio item. 

  • SP 6010 Biomedical Mechanisms and Pathophysiology of Pain and Associated Psychosocial Phenomena

  • SP 6020 TCM Classics and Advanced TCM Theory on Pain and Associated Psychosocial Phenomena

  • SP 6031 Case Management in Integrative Practice

  • SP 6035 Integrative Practice Management

  • SP 7010 Pain from Musculoskeletal Disorders and Associated Psychosocial Phenomena

  • SP7011 Pain from Neurologic, Dermatologic and Sensory Organs and Psychosocial Disorders

  • SP 7012 Eco-Psycho-Social Pain

  • SP 7013 Pain from Oncologic Disorders, Associated Psychosocial Phenomena and Palliative Care

  • SP 7014 Gynecologic and Pelvic Pain and Associated Psychosocial Phenomena

  • SP 7016 Pain from Vascular and Lymphatic and Visceral Disorders and Associated Psychosocial Phenomena

  • PLD 7810 Professionalism, Ethics and Leadership

  • PLD 7811 Professionalism, Ethics and Leadership 2

  • PLD 6810 Teaching and Learning

Research Elective Track

Students who choose the research elective track will take the three inquiry courses from the clinical specialty DAOM curriculum and design their research project. Once accepted by the Scientific Review Committee, and Institutional Review Board if required, the research is conducted and overseen by a faculty advisor. A final scholarly paper written for peer-review submission and accepted by faculty is the final product for the DAcOM portfolio. 

  • INQ 5011 Paradigms of Inquiry

  • INQ 5012 Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment

  • INQ 5013 Methods of Inquiry and Research Design

  • INQ 8080 Research Project

Concentration with Honors Track

In the concentration track, students develop a self-study curriculum in an area not currently available at AOMA, including learning objectives, methods, and means of final assessment. After faculty approval of the plan, the student may proceed. A formal presentation and a manuscript written for peer-review publication submission will be required and included in their portfolio. 

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