Clinical Acupuncture Education

AOMA's award-winning clinical education offers our students hands-on experience and is a means of service to the greater Austin community. Students integrate classroom theory with the practice of healing in the clinic setting. 

AOMA is one of very few acupuncture schools to begin clinical education for students in the first term. Clinical theater is an important part of the observation experience. The student observer is exposed to all aspects of the practice of Oriental medicine, from pulse and tongue diagnosis to acupuncture treatment and writing herbal formulas. After completing clinical observation, core classes, and a comprehensive exam, students become interns and may treat patients under the direct supervision of qualified acupuncturists.

Clinical competence is evaluated each term. Practical comprehensive exams provide additional measures of the students' mastery of clinical skills. The Department of Clinical Education is overseen byJing Fan, MD (China).

AOMA Intern Clinic-North

AOMA students can elect to begin their clinical education at the busy North Austin intern clinic where over 7500 patients come for consultation and treatment every year. Since 2009, AOMA has maintained at least a 90% fill rate in both the North and South clinics, thus providing students ample opportunities to work with challenging cases and a diverse patient base.

AOMA’s Intern Clinic-South

In all of our clinics, AOMA student interns have the opportunity to learn from members of our distinguished faculty, whose diverse specialties range from expertise with specific acupuncture techniques to care for pain, psycho-emotional issues, and addiction, to the scholarly knowledge of formulation of Chinese herbs to treat chronic disease.

Seton McCarthy Community Health Center

Student interns participate in a collaborative healthcare environment and provide acupuncture services to patients referred to them by Seton doctors.

Seton Kozmetsky Community Clinic

In 2016 the AOMA Student Clinic expanded by adding a low-cost acupuncture clinic inside of the Seton Kozmetsky Community Clinic in North Austin at 3706 1st St, Austin, TX 78704, (512) 324-4940. Here, low-income patients may be referred by their Western medical practitioner for $5 acupuncture treatments performed by AOMA student interns. This clinic is currently offered on Friday afternoon.  Appointments may be scheduled through the Seton Kozmetsky Community Health Center.

Seton Topfer Community Clinic

Also a member of the Seton Family of Hospitals, this north Austin community clinic makes affordable healthcare service available to a primarily Spanish-speaking community.  Student interns offer acupuncture and Chinese herbs to patients referred to them by Seton doctors and gain valuable experience working with Hispanic and Latino communities in the process.

People’s Community Clinic

This free-of-charge acupuncture clinic is located within the western medical facilities of People’s Community Clinic in east Austin. AOMA’s community clinic activities reflect our commitment to provide Chinese medical healthcare services to populations in need throughout the Austin area.

Cureville at the Kerrville Folk Festival

Because services are offered miles away from other care facilities, Cureville is often likened to a rural urgent care clinic.  Interns treat acute conditions like joint sprains and sunstroke, hone their emergency referral skills, and integrate their services with those of other holistic healthcare providers.

Austin Recovery

As of 2014, AOMA interns provide auricular acupuncture treatments (NADA protocol) at Austin Recovery’s Hicks Family Ranch, a 40 acre, in-patient addiction treatment facility just outside of Austin in Buda, Texas. Austin Recovery serves between 800-1,000 clients each year. Nearly 28,500-square-feet of space provides plenty of room for individual and group counseling, education about addiction processes, 12-Step programs, life skills classes, Musical Journey experiences, and now acupuncture.

Veterans Affairs Austin Out Patient Clinic

Late in 2016, AOMA Student Clinic expanded to serving veterans at the VA’s Austin Out Patient Clinic at 7901 Metropolis Drive, Austin, TX 78744. Veterans with chronic pain and on opioids may be referred for acupuncture by their primary care provider. The clinic is on Fridays.

Styles of Clinical Practice   for Acupuncturists