Acu-tools Lecture Series and Career Education

As part of the Acu-tools Lecture and Coaching Series, AOMA offers regular eduational lectures as well as Group Career Coaching sessions.  Acu-tools Lecture Series speakers include but are not limited to distinguished professionals in fields of student interest, alumni who return to share their experiences in the profession, and business leaders who offer practice management tips.  All brown bag talks are FREE to the public.  Bring your lunch and bring your questions; leave with knowledge and an increased sense of engagement with the AOMA community.

Educational Events

In the Fall, we enjoyed, 

  • Standard Process: "Burning the Candle at Both Ends"
  • Get the most from your PM Software with Minto Tsai from Jasmine Practice Management
  • Treating Trauma: the Shamanic Approach with Austin Shamanic Center
  • Building a Practice for Your Personality Type with Justin Phillips
  • SEO Optimization (Doctoral Students) with Chris Goddin
  • SEO Optimization (Master Students)

but now, we're scheduling for Winter 2018!  We want to hear from you!  If there is a topic you can't wait to dive into, email us at:

Previous Events

All Things Marketing Part I: Reaching Your Target Audience
with Lisa Lapwing
April 25th | 12:45-1:45 | E3

How Needles Are Made
with Lhasa OMS
May 4th | 12:45-1:45 | E1

Men's Health
with Lisa Lapwing
May 9th | 12:45-1:45 | E1

Group Career Coaching
your very own Julia Aziz
May 16th | 12:45-1:45 | Classroom E1

All Things Marketing Part II:  The Herbalist Perspective
with David Jones
May 17th | 12:45-1:45 | E1

All Things Marketing Part III:  Fruitful Marketing for a Fruitful Practice
with Stefanie Dwyer
June 13th | 12:45-1:45 | E1

Logistics of a Pediatric Practice
with Arden Yingling
June 21st | 12:45-1:45 | E1

Jimmy Yen is BACK!
How to Have 50 Patients Booked on DAY 1
June 23rd | 12:45-1:45 | E1

“Why Functional Medicine”

with Apex Energetics
January 11th | 12:30-1:30 | E1

“Do Research and Get Paid to Do So!  The NCCIH Strategic Plan and what it means for us”
with Dr. John Finnell
January 18th | 12:45-1:45 | E1

“How to get 50 New Patients who are scheduled and prepaid before you even open your practice and Job Opportunities”
with local, successful acupuncturist, Jimmy Yen
February 10th | 12:45-1:45 | E1

Group Career Coaching
your very own Julia Aziz
February 15th | 12:45-1:45 | Classroom E1

“GUT Health: a Gastroenterologist’s Perspective”
with Gastroenterologist, Dr. Mandyam
March 1st | 12:45-1:45 | E2

Recorded Brown Bags

You may remember a time when these lectures were known as "Brown Bags".  Enjoy the following excellent and informative brown bags below at any time. Click on the title of the presentation to stream an MP3 of the recording.

Finding Insurance Under The Affordable Health Care Act With Victoria Trevino

Basic Accounting and QuickBooks for Acupuncturists with Denise Seal

Resources for this Brown Bag include the following PDFs: Setting Up Your QuickBooks File and 10 Steps to Setting Up a Payroll System

What I Wish I'd Known: How to Survive Your First Year of Business with Kathy Kerr

Managing Debt and Achieving Financial Success as an Acupuncturist with Davin Bell and North Star Financial Services

The Ethics of Advertising with Kathy Kerr

Resources for this Brown Bag include the following PDF's: The Ethics of Advertising and The Legal Stuff

Examples of Past Brown Bag Topics

Web Design Basics with Austin Web Design

The Do's and Don'ts of Informal Advertising with Kathy Kerr

Mindfulness and Chinese Medicine with Rupesh Chhagan

Marketing Your Acupuncture Practice with Elizabete Gomes

Medical Astrology with Will Morris

Treating Kids Using TCM with Melissa Light

Cruise Ship Acupuncture with Gayle Daugherty

Omega 3 Fatty Acids with Hannah Thornton

Living the Four Agreements with Heather Ash

Health at Every Size with Ragen Chastain

The Relationship of Psychological Trauma and Physical Pain with Linda Manning, PhD.

How to Read the Medical News with Duncan Echelson of

Herbal Quality Discernment and Authentication with Eric Brand, MS, LAc