AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine


Board of Governors

AOMA’s five-member governing board is the legal body granted specific authority over the institution’s governance. This authority is delegated to the board of governors by the shareholders of the institution through the corporate bylaws. The governing board of the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine consists of six members—prominent Texas citizens who are nominated by the board of directors and elected by the governing board in accordance with the corporate bylaws. The members of AOMA’s governing board are elected based upon their ability, skills, and experience to set the strategic plan and policies that ensure the institution will achieve its mission.

Kenneth H. Beck - Chair (Interim)

Co-founder, The Crossings - Austin, Texas
Former Senior Vice-President, Dell Computer Corporation
BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota

Glenda J. Flanagan

Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice-President, Whole Foods Market - Austin, Texas
BBA, University of Texas at Austin

Betty J. Edmond, MD

Physician and Executive Consultant - Austin, Texas
MD, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
BS, University of Texas at El Paso

Leslie Lynn Myers, JD, LAc

Consultant – Texas Institute of Continuing Legal Education (former Program Director, State Bar of Texas, Professional Development) - Austin, Texas
MS, Oriental Medicine, AOMA
JD, St. Mary’s University

Linda J. Fontaine, CPA, MAcOM

Senior Finance Manager – Apple, Inc.
Chair, AOMA Board of Directors
MAcOM, AOMA. BBA, magna cum laude, Accounting, University of Texas at Austin