AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine


Class and Clinic Statistics

Class Statistics

AOMA students receive direct education from leading faculty from around the world.  With small class sizes, students have the opportunity to learn in a close, supportive environment.

Average Class Size & Student Faculty Ratio  
Avg Class Size  2008   2009   2010   2011 2012 2013
Didactic (Lecture) Class  17.0   19.7   20.8  17.8 18.7 16.5
Practical Class  13.6   12.9  13.8 15.8 15.6 14.7
Clinic Shift  8.5   8.5  9.2 8.2 7.7 7.1
Faculty : Student Ratio  1:19   1:18 1:17 1:15 1:18 1:11


"AOMA is a blessing to the Austin community.  I have been going to AOMA for almost 8 years for a variety of medical issues.  The first time I ever tried acupuncture was at AOMA for panic attacks.  After only 3 treatments my heart palpitations went away and I have never had a problem since.  From then on I was sold!  I love the staff and have enjoyed meeting a variety of students for years now--sometimes even following students as they open their own practices.  AOMA is amazing also for those who do not have health insurance since acupuncture is so effective for common ailments that can cost a fortune in a regular, Western doctor's office.  The herbs prescribed have always helped and cost a fraction of a pharmaceutical drug.  Acupuncture is incredible and AOMA does a great job teaching its students."  ~ S. W. (AOMA Patient)

Student Clinic Statistics

AOMA student clinics are popular in the Austin community. In 2013, AOMA students conducted over 9,300 patient treatments across 6 different clinic locations.

Patients Love Our Students

Our patients are extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by our students. From our 2013 annual patient survey, patients rated the students as A+.

  • 95% were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of care provided by the intern
  • 93% were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of communication with the intern
  • 96% were very satisfied or satisfied with the professional and confident manner of the intern
  • 98% would recommend their intern to others

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