AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine


Pledge of Public Accountability

The decision to attend any institution of higher education entails a significant financial commitment. At AOMA, we believe that any decision of such magnitude should be informed by clear and accurate information. Our website provides relevant information to all prospective students, including the following:

We also commit ourselves to:

  • Facilitating the appropriate and efficient transfer of applicable academic credit after an incoming student’s transcript has been reviewed;
  • Communicating clearly in writing whether completion of a given program will qualify a student for licensure in a career field; and
  • Communicating to each student, upon acceptance of her/his application, the estimated amount of financial aid (s)he will receive.

Furthermore, we offer prospective students the opportunity to sample our classes before enrolling in the full degree program by:

  • Allowing prospective students to sit in on classes during a regularly scheduled campus visit; and
  • Offering an Introductory Series, which gives non-degree seeking students access to our foundational courses.