Student Statistics

"I love this school and feel overall our education is excellent here." ~ AOMA Student (2011 Student Survey)

"I started the program as a non-degree seeking student to get a feel for the school from the inside, as a student. I was very pleased to see the academic standards were high; the faculty are top of the line in their field and excellent teachers (those two don't always go hand in hand), and they seem genuinely concerned about meeting their curriculum objectives. Student services are very available and supportive; academic advising was very helpful with many options to accommodate my schedule and complicated needs. Registration was a breeze. The facility is always very clean and well maintained, the store is well stocked, and the store staff is friendly and well educated about all the products. The students and staff seem happy. I kept thinking it was a honeymoon period, but I am full-time now and I still find all of the above statements to be accurate.  I love being a student at AOMA and am very excited about the career in acupuncture that is ahead of me." ~AOMA Student (2013 Student Survey)


2013 Student Survey – Selected Results

The following information is from the 2013 biennial student survey. Of 216 students, 62 responded to the survey (29% response rate).

Overall, how would you evaluate your entire educational experience at this institution?

If you could start over again, would you enroll at AOMA?

I am confident I will succeed in my career goals.

I feel AOMA is successful in achieving its mission of transforming lives and communities through graduate education in Oriental medicine.

Length of time to complete MAcOM Degree

85% of AOMA students who graduated between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 completed the program within 4 years and 3 months.