AOMA Leadership

AOMA leadership uphold the institution's mission to transform lives and communities through graduate education in Oriental medicine.

leader in chinese medical education

The leadership at AOMA is exceptional. We are fortunate to have experienced and dedicated administrative staff and faculty who are committed to transforming the lives of those for whom they work. AOMA's leadership team participates in the development of the profession at the state and national level. Together, AOMA's leaders guide the institution to achieve AOMA's mission of transforming lives and communities through graduate education in Oriental medicine.

Board of Governors

AOMA’s five-member governing board is the legal body granted specific authority over the institution’s governance. This authority is delegated to the board of governors by the shareholders of the institution through the corporate bylaws.


Betty Edmond, M.D. is the president and CEO of AOMA. Dr. Edmond brings strong leadership skills and experience to the organization, as a physician, a senior healthcare executive and an advocate for the advancement of Oriental and Integrative Medicine.

President Emeritus

William R. Morris, PhD, DAOM, LAc is the president emeritus of AOMA. He also serves as president emeritus to the AAAOM, the nation's professional association for acupuncture and Oriental medicine. His mission is the acculturation of Chinese medicine in America.

Academic Leadership

AOMA’s academic leaders comprise of some of the best Chinese- and Western-educated practitioners in the world.

Administrative Leadership

AOMA's administrative staff strive daily to serve the needs of the institution, the students, faculty, and extended communities.


Engaging, accessible faculty members deliver a rigorous program of coursework at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. AOMA’s full-time, adjunct, and clinical faculty members share a love of teaching and a sincere desire to continue the transmission of medical knowledge from teacher to student.  The result is an educational experience that advances you confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Student Association

The AOMA Student Association (ASA) is made up of both full-time and part-time current students. Representatives are elected by academic class year and each class elects its representatives according to ASA bylaws. The group is autonomous and is, directed and governed according to the ASA constitution.

Organizational Chart