Here to Serve

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Donna Hurta has 20 years of experience working in public accounting, non-profit, higher education and property management.   Her background has included military service in the Army Finance Corps and training of non-profit volunteers in the state of Texas.  She holds a teaching certificate in Texas. Her desire to train and share knowledge of business and accounting with others guided her career towards working within the higher education community.

Dean of Students, Academic Advisor

Robert Laguna holds a teaching certificate in Texas and has over ten years of experience teaching in the Texas public school system. In 1998, he was part of acupuncture brigade that brought relief and education to medical personnel in Honduras in the wake of Hurricane Mitch. Laguna’s focus includes the treatment of patients with chemical dependencies, pain management, as well as working in family practice clinics alongside western physicians. Laguna has been at AOMA since 1999.