AOMA Student Association

school of acupuncture, studentsThe AOMA Student Association (ASA) is made up of both full-time and part-time current students. Representatives are elected by academic class year and each class elects its representatives according to ASA bylaws. The group is autonomous and is, directed and governed according to the ASA constitution.

Student representatives lead the student body in a number of ways. The ASA representatives meet at least three times per term and elected ASA leaders participate in the biennial governing board retreat, serve on student appeals committees and on select academic and curriculum review committees. They also provide direction and guidance for less-experienced students and act as liaisons between administration and the student body. The ASA representatives’ primary focus is to address current students’ concerns and to bring attention and solutions to circumstances that affect students in their various activities.

2013-14 ASA Representatives:

Co-Presidents: Hannah Rudolph and Diane Stanley
Secretary: Reagan Taylor
Events Coordinator: Tracy Sites
Marketing Coordinator: Melanie Spiroff
Nominated Cohort Reps: Jessie Healy, Greg King, Melanie Spiroff, Anna Carey, Mari Galle, Michelle Gonzales, Paula Bruno, I-Pei Hodge, Keisha McDaniel, Patrick Foye, Jordan Jacobs, Mary Froeba, Natalie Villarreal, and Bret Rogers

Winter 2015 Meetings: Wednesdays, Odd Weeks, 12:30-1:30  in Classroom E3.

“These meetings are open to everyone. If you're interested in being involved in any of the following, or just want to hear what's going on, please come!” - Co-Presidents Hannah Rudolph and Diane Stanley

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