AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine


Clinical Education

AOMA Student Clinic Opportunities

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AOMA's award-winning clinical education offers our students hands on experience and is a means of service to the greater Austin community. Students integrate classroom theory with the practice of healing in the clinic setting. AOMA is one of very few acupuncture schools to begin clinical education for students in the first term. Clinical theater is an important part of the observation experience. The student observer is exposed to all aspects of the practice of Oriental medicine, from pulse and tongue diagnosis to acupuncture treatment and writing herbal formulas. After completing clinical observation, core classes and a comprehensive exam, students become interns and may treat patients under the direct supervision of qualified acupuncturists. Clinical competence is evaluated each term. Practical comprehensive exams provide additional measures of the students' mastery of clinical skills.

Department of Clinical Education Mission Statement:

The Department of Clinical Education is committed to the pursuit of excellence, integrity and quality of demonstration, instruction and supervision in the professional clinical practice of Oriental medicine based on the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine and using acupuncture and herbal theories and applications in coordination with the basics of modern biomedical science. The Department of Clinical Education is overseen by Lesley Hamilton, LAc, MSOM.