AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine



One of the educational objectives for both the doctoral and master's programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine is to "incorporate evidence and experience based practices" into the education of our students and the clinical practice of both faculty and students. It is a stated goal within AOMA's 2011 - 2015 strategic plan for the institution to promote Asian Medicine through research and publications. To this end, a structure is in development to support such a program. In working towards this goal, the institution strives to:

  • Participate in research with key institutions.
  • Support faculty in AOM scholarship activities.
  • Support student and alumni research projects.
  • Obtain grants

The Director of Research is John S. Finnell, ND, MPH, LAc.

Many other AOMA faculty have rich and varied backgrounds in research and have distinguished records of research productivity both here and abroad. Each faculty member has a designated area of interest/expertise in an area of research.

In order to assure that students have a foundation for evidence-based practice, AOMA strives to provide basic research literacy, develop practitioners who can assess and apply research findings to practice, and appreciate the potential strengths and weaknesses in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western biomedical research approaches and designs. Upon completion of master's and doctoral programs, graduates will be prepared to utilize the clinical information produced by research in TCM and Western biomedicine in their practices and thereby improve the care and treatment of their patients.