Acupuncture School for Massage Therapists

Discover a whole new world in your bodywork practice by studying Chinese medicine. A degree and career in acupuncture and Chinese medicine will expand your practice to new levels! Learn how Chinese herbal medicine can help your patients in addition to all the other modalities of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine coupled with massage therapy can be a lifelong practice and career, even if your back and joints become sore overtime, as a problem many long-term massage therapists face. An acupuncture career will allow you the opportunity to see more clients, to be more effective and reduce those the long term physical tolls on your body. 

With a Master's degree from AOMA, you will:

  • Learn a new modality of healing/body work

  • Be able to help more people with more types of health problems

  • Potentially widen your client base

  • Enhance your medical vocabulary and be able to communicate/work with a wider range health care practitioners

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