Acupuncture School for Nurses

As a nurse, are you looking for professional autonomy as a medical professional? Studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine can potentially help you achieve that autonomy as a practictioner. Chinese medicine is an integrative medicine that takes a holistic view on treament for your patients. A master's degree in Chinese medicine will give both you and your patients new insights and awareness into new ways of understanding and healing the body. As we face an opoid epidemic in this country, many are turning to alternative ways of treatment for a variety of illnesses. In addition to your biomedical training, you will learn new ways of healing that pose few risks. You'll be able to help patients in ways that other modalities of treatment don't have an answer for. 

At AOMA, you will:

Gain medical autonomy while practicing medicine with nursing values.

learn integrative approaches to healing the body

have the opportunity to delve into the growing field of integrative medicine

enter a career field that is non-traditional and gives the opportunity to be creative as both an artform and a science

have many options for how you practice, from owning your own business, to working at a wellness center or in a hospital

experience an education that can be used to build upon and specialize in a given area of your interest or passion

have a flexible career path that can afford you the freedom to schedule clients around other life events/lifestyles

be fulfilled through an emotionally-rewarding career helping others

Deepen your knowledge of healing and the body