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Introduction to Shoshin Shiatsu: Paired Floor Stretching


From: February 2, 2013 at 9:00am to: Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 5:00pm


Introduction to Shoshin Shiatsu: Paired Floor Stretching
with Randy Cummins
February 2-3, 9am-5pm



Free intro January 25, 7-8:30pm - No RSVP or registration required.

Location: AOMA Mind-Body Center - map & directions

Based on thousands of years of natural observations, Shoshin (Beginner’s Mind) Shiatsu is an Asian bodywork discipline that owes its origin to the very roots of traditional acupressure, Zen, and Thai style bodywork. It addresses the body as a whole, combining varied passive stretches with the stimulation of pressure points (Tsubos) located on the skin’s surface.

The focus of the work helps support the free and unrestricted flow of energy (Qi) through its pathways (Meridians).

The purpose of this two-day training, for the novice and advanced practitioner alike, is to introduce the concepts and movement aspects of performing a Shiatsu session by consciously engaging both the physical and energetic bodies.

Practitioners of various healing modalities will receive opportunity for growth in their field of work:

Acupuncturists will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of meridian location and function, and to experience direct, hands-on interaction with the channels and tsubos.

Massage therapists and bodyworkers will discover a truly integrative form of bodywork, combining myofascial soft tissue techniques and stretches with the location and stimulation of individual tsubos / trigger points for common imbalances.

Yoga and pilates instructors will learn to incorporate meridian-specific stretches and movements, as well as breath and meditation techniques, to facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body.

Each class will begin with meditation and Maka-Ho meridian stretches. Students should wear loose, cotton clothing. Shiatsu mats are provided.

As we still the mind and heal the body, we move toward our place of balance.

For visual examples of the work, please visit:

If you have any questions about the content of this training, please feel free to contact Randy at

12 hours CEU credits for Texas LMTs

About the instructor: Randy Cummins is an AOBTA-certified Shiatsu instructor and bodyworker who, for the past 27 years, has been privileged to teach throughout the United States and Caribbean. His distinct teaching style incorporates humor with a deep knowledge of anatomy, unlocking a true understanding of energetic bodywork.