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Overcoming Anxiety Workshop: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Anxiety

Location: AOMA Mind-Body Center (Building A); 4701 West Gate Blvd. 78745

From: June 1, 2013 at 10:00am to: Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 12:30pm



Four Part Series: (every other Saturday)

Part 1: June 1, 10:00am-12:30pm
Part 2: June 15, 10:00a-12:30pm
Part 3: June 29, 10:00a-12:00pm
Part 4: July 13, 10:00a-12:30pm

Suggested donation: $150.00
Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for payment options. Anyone who cannot pay the full suggested donation will be on a waiting list until May 15th.

This workshop is designed for people that suffer from anxiety, GAD, Panic Disorder, PTSD and spouses, care providers and practitioners. It is taught in a group setting, yet is a private and personal experience. We will be utilizing the Sundara “Overcoming Anxiety Clinic” Model. Dara Paprock is a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher and an authorized facilitator of this model.

Explore self-healing modalities that are effective and profoundly liberating when combating the debilitating effects of anxiety. Learn breath work, meditation and gentle movement techniques that help to break the psychological, biochemical, and physical cycles that keep anxiety in your life. A presentation of what happens in your mind and body while experiencing anxiety, and tools to "turn off" the fight or flight response, and "turn on" the relaxation response will be taught in the first class. Optional acupuncture will be offered during guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) in all sessions. A take-home program with daily exercises and lifestyle suggestions will be handed out.

Yoga Therapy is a blend of traditional Yoga practices, Ayurveda, alternative medicine and modern medical science. We will also explore nutrition, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, acupressure, sound healing, and movement. The more you know about anxiety and how to fight it, the easier your journey.

Acupuncture Option: $40 (for 4 treatments)

Acupuncture treatment for anxiety will be offered each class during relaxation/meditation technique time. It is purely optional and will be administered by a licensed practitioner. The treatment is specifically geared toward reducing anxiety. It is important to find as many tools that work for you as possible.

Common effects of anxiety that will be addressed in this clinic

*Panic attacks

*Difficulty concentrating

*Difficulty controlling worry

*Excess anxiety and worry that is out of proportion to the situation most of the time

*Fear of Death or fear of illness causing death

*Excessive sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath

*Gastrointestinal issues



*Muscle tension -- shakiness, headaches

*Restlessness or feeling keyed up or "on the edge"

*Sleep disturbance (difficulty falling or staying asleep; or restless, unsatisfying sleep)


**Medication Alert**

We DO NOT recommend that you discontinue taking prescription drugs without the consent and supervision of a medical professional. It is very important to be under a physician's care if you plan to discontinue medication. Discontinuation of anti-anxiety medications can lead to severe reactions. This series is not intended as a replacement for your healthcare provider’s services.

If you have any questions, please call: (512)484-8958 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Dara Paprock, M.A. RYT, IYTA teaches therapeutic yoga for stress management, recovery, pain management, strength, endurance and flexibility. Drawing on Yoga experience at the Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization Center in Los Angeles, Ashtanga Yoga, Qi Gong, a natural affinity with Kundalini Yoga, combined with 25 years of dance, theatrical performance and arts, Dara weaves in methods of Yoga addressing the needs of the class. She has found this workshop useful for chronic relapsers in addiction recovery, those who suffer with Anxiety and PTSD, as well as  care providers who are susceptible to secondary PTDS. . Dara is an authorized facilitator of Sundara Yoga Therapy's Clinic for Anxiety Disorders " Overcoming Anxiety, A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Anxiety" and in completing certification with “Warriors at Ease.” She currently is the founder and facilitator of “Stress Free Yoga Community” at the Lake in Austin, TX, works with Vets, and Coaches in the performing Arts.