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Kicking Sugar Cravings

Location: 4701 West Gate Blvd, 78745, AOMA Classroom B1

From: July 20, 2013 at 10:00am to: 11:00am



Kicking sugar cravings is more than just throwing out all your junk food; first we must identify what is causing cravings. Cravings are caused by three main factors: addiction, imbalanced nutrition in meals, and memories & emotions. This class will teach you habits to decrease your sugar intake, how to prepare whole balanced meals, and ways to completely quit consuming sugar by using simple techniques.

Micki Gram formed her business, Realist Health Coaching, because we live in a world of unrealistic fad diets and trends where, unfortunately, there is no quick fix.  Micki firmly believes that to be successful, we must adopt a realistic step-by-step process to achieve our health goals.  When we are forced to pinpoint what is holding us back, it’s only then that we can move forward.  Micki has a passion for helping; guiding and supporting people through their wellness challenges; whether you’re dealing with the obstacles of time constraints, taking care of children, stressful relationships or a demanding job, Micki is thrilled to share with you what she learned on her own personal journey to create a healthy lifestyle. Through education and life experiences she is sure to be able to not only help you achieve your wellness goals but to create a lifelong healthy lifestyle.