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Brown Bag: Medical Herbalism in Global Health

Location: Classroom E1

From: June 18, 2013 at 12:45pm to: 1:45pm


There is a free clinic in Nicaragua on Ometepe Island, run by Natural Doctors International. The community is medically-underserved, meaning that their medical needs are not met, and the country is the second-poorest in our hemisphere (the only one poorer is Haiti).   
AOMA students and staff, and other fans of herbs and nutrition, have the opportunity to volunteer at this clinic and provide aid where it is most needed. Students learn and work under master Western herbalists and naturopaths, including Paul Bergner and 7Song.  
The program also includes an optional week at a Spanish language school, meeting with local herbalists and midwives, and visiting a Nicaraguan clinic integrating natural medicine and biomedicine. A pre-intensive includes a visit to Miraflor mountainous region, where Dragon's Blood trees and rare medicinal plants grow wild.
Leila Plummer is an intern at AOMA, completing her 3rd year of study. She participated in Medical Herbalism in Global Health in Nicaragua last year through Natural Doctors International, funded partially by donations from the AOMA community, and will share some of her experiences from this very special trip. She will also share what she learned about unequal access to healthcare and food, what a clinic in extreme conditions looks like, and how lessons from this clinic might inform clinical practices here in the U.S.