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Brown Bag: The Art and Science of Therapeutic Flying with Jonny Nobleza

Location: Classroom E1

From: July 31, 2013 at 12:45pm to: 1:45pm


Whether the term Therapeutic Flying conjures up images of airplane rides, childhood inversions, or just a load of question marks, this brown bag will aim to shed light on an ancient form of fun and relatively new form of healing.

Therapeutic Flying incorporates a steady base (giver) that skillfully guides and massages a passive flyer (receiver) through various positions suspended on the base’s feet. Don’t believe it? Come and see it! Q&A, demo and info on an upcoming class will be provided.

Jonny Nobleza has been making fun of himself and life since he sprouted from the womb. In preparation for puberty he started ninja training and soon after was introduced to spirit in all things. He has since traveled the world, teaching people how to get into fun shapes in order to eventually love and trust themselves more fully. He currently resides at AOMA.