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MASTER STEPHEN CO in Austin SuperBrain Yoga® & Pranic Healing


From: September 17, 2013 at 7:00pm to: 11:59pm




SuperBrain Yoga® & Pranic Healing®
Ancient Tools for Harnessing the Energy of Your Own Life Force!


$10 donation to AOMA - pay online or at the door, space is limited.

SuperBrain Yoga® is an ancient Indian technique that harnesses the body’s primordial energies to balance the left and right brain energies and recharge your brain power. Learn to experience mental clarity, emotional calmness, razor sharp focus and increased learning ability. Prelimiary scientific studies show dramatic improvements in children diagnosed with Autism, ADD and ADHD.

Together with Pranic Healing® you can learn to harness your Life Force to flush out stress, boost your vitality and accelerate healing of common health problems. This is an eye-opening, experiential class with Master Stephen Co, senior disciple of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, who created Pranic Healing® and SuperBrain Yoga®.Master Co’s groundbreaking book: Your Hands Can Heal You is endorsed by the health experts Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss. Please visit Master Co’s web site: and view CBS News coverage online.