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The Art and Science of Breath

Location: AOMA Mind-Body Center, 4701 West Gate Blvd. 78745

From: October 26, 2013 at 2:00pm to: 6:00pm


October 26, 2-6pm

Pranayama refers to mastering the life force through willful control of the breath. Pranayama techniques can either invigorate or calm while increasing our sensitivity to the subtle flow of deep energy within the body.

The Art: We will explore both invigorating and calming breath techniques coupled with the use of bandhas (internal mudras that serve as energetic locks) during a yoga asana practice. We will also experience how the channeled breath can deepen stillness and meditative immersion. Cody will lead you through practicing several breath techniques in a two-hour practice, followed by time for Q&A.

The Science: Pranayama can have an immediate effect on blood pressure and heart rate. Taking slow and deep breaths powered by the diaphragm muscles (rather than more shallow chest breathing) so that the belly and thoracic chest expand stimulates the parasympathethic nervous system. Such a powerful and calm breath can signal the body to slow down, relax, rest, digest, and heal. Stephanie will provide an overview of the research literature on the cardiovascular, antioxidant, and metabolic benefits of practicing pranayama.

CEUs: This class will teach about how to improve the parasympathetic nervous system through an optimal breathing technique that can be done by the bodyworker or the client in session with great results - 4 Massage CEUs available. If you are a registered yoga teacher, you may apply these hours to your CE requirements.


Stephanie Shorter, PhD, views yoga as more than asana and is passionate about this more completely defined yoga as a foundation for wellness, personal transformation, and profound social change. Originally trained in behavioral neuroscience and cortical electrophysiology, Stephanie has published studies about perception, attention and motor control in top neuroscience journals and, more recently, has started to focus her writing on mind-body research methods. Stephanie serves as the Assistant Editor of Kosmos Journal, a UN-affiliated publication about social transformation and interdependence, and is launching a new mind-body publishing company called Mind-Body Collective.

Cody Drasser is a professional yoga therapist and yoga teacher. He has completed 500+ hours of training with his master teacher, Yoganand Michael Carroll, in the Pranakriya Yoga tradition. Before moving to Austin, he taught yoga and meditation workshops at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, where he also studied with internationally renowned yoga teachers. Cody’s teaching style could be referred to as an intensive study in energy ecology. Like his personal practice, his classes emphasize pranayama and raising energy. He has helped a wide range of therapeutic clients – from young to old and with various medical conditions – with yoga postures, body awareness and breathwork. Cody is also an artist and musician.