Introduction to Esoteric Acupuncture

Location: AOMA Graduate School Classroom E2 4701 West Gate Blvd Austin, TX 78745

From: March 28, 2015 at 10:00am to: 6:00pm


Open to all practitioners, not just acupuncturists!
Disease begins not in the physical body, but in the energetic bodies then filters down to the physical level. Even the predisposition toward repeat traumas begins here. Esoteric acupuncture helps you unlock and reprogram these energetic forms, treating the True Root of disease and dysfunction. Heal the spirit to heal the body. See your clients/patients and your practice in a whole new way.


Instructor Bio: As the owner of Whole Human PLLC in Austin, TX, Catherine Calhoun maintains an active clinical practice treating patients with conditions such as pain, allergies & respiratory infections, and substance addiction, as well as chronic disorders like arthritis, diabetes, neurological disorders, endocrine disorders, and cardio/circulatory disorders. A certified Usui Reiki practitioner and trainer, she also specializes in relaxation and meditation therapies such as reiki, medical qigong, and guided meditation. Ms. Calhoun is committed to implementing affordable healthcare options using oriental medicine and manages an on-site corporate wellness practice in addition to her private clinical practice. She is the owner and creator of