Classical Japanese Hari Style of Acupuncture

Location: AOMA Graduate School Classroom E2, 4701 West Gate Blvd Austin, TX 78745

From: May 20, 2016 at 9:00am to: Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 6:00pm


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The practice and art of Hari style acupuncture is based in Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy, which balances an individual's Ki in order to treat the root cause of disease while also treating the symptoms.  Various methods of utilizing Ki, such as pulse diagnosis, non-invasive needle techniques, and Ki diagnosis, are used by the trained practitioner.

Japanese Hari style of Acupuncture is theoretically based on the ancient Chinese Medical Classics, such as the Su Wen, Ling Shu, and Nan Jing, although this course's teacher, Takayuki Koei Kuwahara, has developed his own understanding and methodology over the past 4 decades.  

Students will learn to diagnosis based on Meridian relationships, the five phases, yin and yang theory, the four inspections, and emphasizes that the practitioner develop a keen sense of Ki.  The patient's pulse is taken at the start, during, and after the treatment in order to gain an accurate understanding of how the Ki was shifted.  This helps train the student's perception of pulse and determines the best techniques to use in treating an individual's symptoms.  

The treatment focuses on redirecting the Ki's distribution throughout the meridians in accordance with the primary deficiency pattern.  The practitioner often uses a gentle needle technique, which is usually non-insertive, using fine gold or silver needles.  Students are trained to decipher the location and severity of a disease in order to use the correct technique to disperse the "evil" Ki.  Students will be able to sharpen their Ki perception through practical and didactic learning.  

This intriguing and enlightening four-part seminar begins in May 2016.  Each portion of the seminar is 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in the months of May, June, July and August.  Seminar dates are as follows:

May 19-22
June 17-19
July 22-24
August 19-21


About the Instructor

Takayuki Koei Kuwahara, LAc has been practicing Acupuncture for 40 years in Boston and Japan, employing both classical Japanese Acupuncture and Japanese Medical Ki Gong.  After graduating from Tokyo Therapeutic Institute in 1979, he went on to complete an intensive five-year apprenticeship with Mr. Fukushima, renowned practitioner and developer of the Toyo Hari.  

Having taught for the Toyo Hari Association for 15 years, he now teaches his unique (Hari) style of acupuncture that draws from the various systems practiced by his teachers:  Sensei Shimada (Kototama), Shiomi, Ikeda, Shudo (Meridican therapy), Kudo (bloodletting), Tanioka (pediatrics), and Nakagawa (Shinkiko/Ki Gong).

Since visiting the NESA in 1991, he has taught several advanced JAS courses in many parts of the world.  He has also practiced Aikido and Iaido for 45 years.  Takayuki currently lives in Watertown, MA where he maintains a private practice.