Acupuncture Emergency Response and Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Training

Location: AOMA South Campus; 4701 West Gate Blvd; Room E1

From: June 8, 2019 at 8:30am to: Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 6:00pm


15 NCCAOM CEU's and Psychological First Aid and FEMA Incident Command System Certifications


About the Course

The national Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) network is an organization of federally approved teams of volunteers who respond in times of natural disaster and community crisis and they are seeking acupuncturists to join their teams. With increased security during times of disaster there is a need to create federally approved teams to respond to domestic incidents. Colorado Acupuncture MRC is supporting the movement by training teams of acupuncturists throughout the US to support the development of acupuncture integrating into the national Medical Reserve Corps network. Learn how to use the Acupuncture Mission Ready Package to respond to domestic incidents. Training also includes Psychological First Aid and FEMA Incident Command System 100/700.

What You'll Learn

1. The benefits, safety, and logistics of responding as an acupuncturist as part of a federally approved team.

2. The structure of national response to emergency incidents and how the deployment process works.

3. How to network with agencies in emergency support functions.

4. How to use acupuncture to respond to emergencies and humanitarian crisis.

About the Instructor

Rachelle Lambert is a Licensed Acupuncturist and has practiced since 2009. Rachelle has travelled the world practicing acupuncture including locations in China, Europe, the Caribbean, and Nepal. Rachelle is the Unit Coordinator of the Colorado Acupuncture MRC, and is fully involved with planning, procedures, recruiting, deployments, and training of acupuncturists in a state wide acupuncture MRC. While working on cruise ships crew members were trained in emergency procedures and Rachelle realized that one person can truly make a difference in many lives during times of crisis.

Rachelle began to volunteer in 2014 and has been involved with deployments internationally in Nepal after the earthquakes of 2015, in Colorado Springs during the Planned Parenthood Active Shooter Recovery in 2015, the Colorado Cold Springs Fire Response and Recovery in 2016, and the Sunshine Canyon Fire Response in 2017. Rachelle also supported Texas and Florida efforts to informally respond to natural disasters and community crisis, as well as supporting the acupuncturists in those states to join local MRCs and create their own state wide unit. Rachelle joined the first Emergency Management Assistance Compact Disaster Behavioral Health Team, deployed to Puerto Rico to support the Hurricane Maria Response in 2017.