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China Study Tour

The China Study Tour

students in China practicing martial arts

AOMA offers a study-abroad program in China as a part of an ongoing collaboration with the Chengdu University of Traditional Oriental Medicine. This biennual program gives students the opportunity to spend several weeks studying in China and to practice at one of the four sacred mountains.

Participating in the China Study Tour is life-changing, thrilling, and immensely rewarding, and it can impact your course sequences and graduation date. AOMA's academic advisors can assist you with the necessary academic preparations. Please meet with them as soon as possible in order to plan in advance for the 2015 China Study Tour.

Trip Details

The 2013 China Study Tour included 21 AOMA students and alumni, with Dr. Xiaotian Shen as their faculty leader. Details such as pricing, dates, and coursework for the 2015 China Study Tour will be available in the spring or summer of 2014, with registration taking place at the beginning of the fall term 2014.

Interested students can start planning now by:

  • Talking to advisors about your intentions and to begin curriculum planning
  • Saving money!

The Study Program

student meditates in front of gold Buddha statue

The AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine has a special relationship with Chengdu University that allows us to offer a first rate study experience for students and practitioners of TCM. Members of the general public are also welcome to join the group.

A one week cultural tour of Beijing kicks off the adventure. From there, we go to Chengdu, or “Perfect Metropolis”. Chengdu is the capital city, as well as the administrative, cultural, educational and industrial center, of the Sichuan Province. We travel in the spring, a beautiful time of year in China. Participants have plenty of opportunities to explore the city on their own. In addition, we organize group visits to markets and temples around Sichuan Province, home of the giant panda and famous Sichuan cuisine. Chengdu University offers a wide range of study opportunities in herbs, tuina, qigong, and taichi. You also have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on clinical experience under the supervision of the host teachers and professors. Translators are on hand to ensure clear communication.

The trip concludes with a one week visit to the beautiful Emeishan (High Eyebrow Mountain). Emei Mountain is the highest of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of the Middle Kingdom and trip participants gather here for the practice of tai chi, qi gong, and meditation.

Tibet/Borderlands Excursion

students learn about herbs at market in Cheng Du

An optional trip to Tibet, or to the borderlands between China and Tibet, is planned immediately following the conclusion of the Chengdu study program. The trip lasts about five days long. Destination will depend on travel availability. Check back for further details.

The following information may be helpful in understanding the scope of last year's trip, however the 2015 itinerary is subject to change.

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