Continuing Acupuncture Education

AOMA offers hundreds of hours of acupuncture continuing education every year. Typically these courses are approved for Texas, California, Florida, and NCCAOM.

Join us for our many continuing education events throughout the year! 

Will Morris Pulse Diagnosis for Herbal Medicine Weekend 3

December 2-3, 2017

Dr. Will Morris

Weekend III Pulse Diagnosis for Herbal Medicine

Each pulse diagnosis tool has special uses. This weekend focuses upon pulse diagnosis of anatomy and physiology, for the purpose of prescribing herbal medicine.

Inquiry is used to guide the selection of pulse method. Since the question relates to anatomical location, one places the image of the body over the radial artery in order to explore specific anatomical locations. 

In this anatomical-physiological method, a rolling technique is used to explore particular anatomical locations. For instance, one may examine the esophagus by rolling distal from the stomach position in order to get insight about the structure and function of the esophagus. Searching the depths, one may examine the nerve, vessel and organ tissues. The appropriate herbs are then discussed.

Solutions for the Modern-Day Health Epidemic

April 21-22, 2018

Mr. Quinn Takei, LAc

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Offering 16 CEU credits! (2 Ethics,2 Safety and 14 General AOM)

Quinn is passionate about supporting the acupuncture profession and empowering practitioners to achieve clinical success in a rapidly changing world. His dynamic and engaging teaching methods create a fun and memorable learning experience.

Over the past 18 years, Dr. Takei has been the founder and director of several thriving multi-disciplinary practices. His patient care philosophy integrates functional medicine, nutrition and life coaching with acupuncture and herbal therapies. 

Enthusiastic to promote natural medicine, Quinn has served as the president, vice president, and on the board of directors for the Oriental Medicine Association of New Mexico and is an active member of his state association.

 Quinn is the author of The Clinical Reference Guide of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” and “Insights for a Life in Balance”. He is currently working on his next book, “Meditation: The Practice of Being Present”.

As a 101% practitioner, 200% father and husband, 42% teacher, 30% story teller, 58% adventurer and traveler, 28% author, 27% musician, and 100% devoted to promoting natural health, Quinn doesn’t have time to understand how percentages work.  

We are sicker than ever before. Today’s food, toxins, and our hectic lives have thrust us into the “modern day health epidemic”. This insidious multi-system dysfunction is the root cause of most modern pathology manifesting as leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, food and environmental allergies, fibromyalgia, metabolic disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities, SIBO, IBS, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, adrenal exhaustion, and autoimmune diseases.

 By participating in this class, you will understand:

• The dietary, industrial, environmental, and emotional factors that have caused the “modern day health epidemic” and how this has become the root cause of most pathology seen in clinical practice today.
• The integrative approach of Eastern, Western, and functional medicine necessary to effectively address this epidemic.
• The laboratory tests that provide the most critical diagnostic information required to move your clients from the cycle of illness and to the process of healing.
• How to detect some of the most elusive and difficult to decipher imbalances that escape most diagnostic systems.
• The comprehensive treatment of the “modern day health epidemic” including traditional acupuncture points, Chinese herbs, supplements, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle counseling.


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