Kathleen Lumiere, DAOM, LAc

"Advanced Electroacupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy"

Advanced Electroacupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) explores the science of acupuncture and some of its more modern tools. Participants will learn the safe and skillful application of these powerful tools within the context of standard acupuncture practice. We will discuss effects in biomedical and TCM terms, as well as some of the general mechanisms of acupuncture. Course materials are drawn from current peer-reviewed literature. Questions and curiosity are very welcome.

About Kathleen

Dr. Lumiere directs the DAOM program at Bastyr University where she also works as a core faculty member in the classroom and clinic. She maintains a private practice, and pursues research and writing projects associated with pain and trauma, cancer, stroke rehabilitation, electroacupuncture, and low level laser therapy. She received her MAc from NIAOM in 1999, and her DAOM from Bastyr in 2008. Along with her family she lives in the Seattle area.


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