Qianzhi 'Jamie' Wu, PhD, MD (China), LAc

"TCM Treatment for ADD and ADHD"

Based on over 30 years clinical experience and a series of TCM books published by Dr. Qianzhi Wu in past years, including TCM for improving Intelligence and TCM Pediatric Case Discussion, Dr. Wu will discuss the etiology, mechanism and acupuncture and herbal treatment for ADD and ADHD. Some secret herbal formulas and new acupuncture points and techniques including pestle needle technique, and as well as TCM dietary therapy and pediatric Tuina will be fully discussed and demonstrated. 

About Jamie

Qianzhi Wu began his practice of acupuncture in 1977 under the direction of a veteran barefoot doctor.  Dr. Wu later enrolled in TCM universities, where he deepened his knowledge base while studying over the course of ten years. He served as supervisor, associate professor, and medical doctor at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its teaching hospital. Wu has been a professor and clinical supervisor at AOMA since 1996, becoming Dean of Faculty on 2006 and Vice President of Faculty in 2009. Wu has published over a dozen books and multiple articles on TCM.


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