Violet Song, PhD, LAc

"TCM Herbal Pharmaceutics"

This course is an introduction to TCM herbal pharmaceutics. It will cover preparation techniques for herbal pills, tinctures and granules. You will also gain and understanding of pharmacology and chemistry as related to TCM herbal pharmaceutics.

About Violet

Prior to beginning her employment with AOMA, Dr. Song began her teaching career in 2002, when she took a position as an instructor at Chengdu University.  There, she lectured on the science of TCM prescriptions and on TCM herbology and TCM pharmacology. She has participated in research studies that investigated the compatibility, pharmacology, and toxicology of TCM formulas and Chinese ethnic medicine, including Tibetan medicinal herbs. She has also participated in studies funded by research grants from the National Science Foundation of China. Song has been on the faculty at AOMA since 2008.


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