William Morris, PhD, DAOM, LAc

"Heart and Circulation is a Core Tool for Care"

"Pulse Diagnosis as a Tool for Treating Concerns of Spirit"

In this mini-intensive, we will explore the nature of heart and circulation in the clinical context. An assessment toolbox will be provided. It includes detailed analysis of the sublingual vein and collaterals, assessment of the inner portion of the lower eyelid (tarsal conjunctiva), visual inspection of the vasculature, blood pressure and pulse diagnosis. We will explore the relationship of different blood pressure types and the use of pulse diagnosis as a tool to know which organs are contributing to the condition of the blood pressure and why. Inflammatory conditions affect the blood and eventually the vascular system. We will develop skills to anticipate cardiovascular disease and create individualized treatment protocols for the prevention thereof. In this program, we will explore the nature of being and spirit. As clinicians, we are often asked to concerns from an array of world views amongst our clientele. One increasing zone of inquiry is that of ancestral patterns and transgenerational trauma. Another area that is often concerning to our clientele is that of the dreamtime. We will use pulse diagnostic methods that explore the nature of the five Chinese Shen as a tool for organizing contemporary echopsychosocial concerns. Ethical considerations in the treatment of these conditions are addressed. Herbal treatment strategies are employed as well as acupuncture.

About Will

Will Morris is one of the world’s leading experts on pulse diagnosis. Both his doctorate of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and his PhD were focused upon the topic. While he has 40 years of experience teaching in general and 28 years of experience teaching the topic of pulse diagnosis, is also earned a master degree in medical education to support the process. Will has 39 years of clinical experience with more than 30,000 patient visits. Will is author of: Li Shi-zhen Pulse Studies: An Illustrated Guide and transformation: Treating Trauma with Acupuncture and Herbs. His dissertation on pulse diagnosis soon be published as: Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis.