"Care for Emotional Health With Classic Eastern Medicine"

In the modern society, an illness is on longer considered just the problems of the physical aspect of the body, very often, the emotional state of the patient can be a contributing factor, if not the primary cause, of their illness. This seminar focuses on the classic Chinese philosophical thoughts on the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our life, shedding light on the physiology, pathology and etiology of the metal and emotional conditions, from the very unique perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The speaker will also share the holistic healing techniques in Oriental medicine with the audience, which can be an everyday tool to take care of metal disorders, restore and maintain emotional wellbeing.

About Xiaotian

Xiaotian Shen is a 4th generation Chinese Medicine practitioner. As a small child and while growing up, he was surrounded at home by frequent conversations about the philosophies of healing and medicine. This experience instilled in him an abiding love for his cultural heritage and its capacity for healing. 

Shen taught acupuncture and herbal medicine at two colleges in China and was also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at the Teaching Hospital of Chengdu College of Medical Continuing Education. He has been a faculty at AOMA for near 20 years and been working to support the larger profession. In addition to contributing to professional journals and participating in ongoing research projects, Shen serves as a member of the NCCAOM exam writing committee and a  certified examiner of the CNT examination. Shen is a frequent presenter not only at national and international conferences but also at local hospitals and universities. His scholarly presentations share his acumen in the fields of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, emotional care, pain management, women’s health, and herbal safety. 


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