Financial Aid

Our financial aid staff is here to support you attain the financial resources to achieve your educational goals. We can help guide you through the process of applying for Federal Direct Student Loans, Federal Work Study, veteran and military tuition benefits, and scholarships.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act 

Student Emergency Grants (HEERF III)

HEERF III GRANTS Notice to Students & Application

HEERF III GRANT Report for December 31, 2021

Student Emergency Grants (HEERF II)

HEERF II GRANTS Notice to Students & Application

HEERF II Grant Report for June 20, 2021

HEERF II Grant Report September 20, 2021

Student Emergency Grants (HEERF I)

(1) 30-Day Report (2) 45-Day Report (3) 9/30/20 Report (4) 12/31/20 FINAL Report

Institution Portion, 18004(a)(1) Quarterly Report 9/30/20 – FINAL

Visit the FSA web site for the most recent announcements related to COVID-19 and student loan debt relief. 

Student Loan Repayment Will Restart After August 31, 2022. 

Contact AOMA’s Financial Aid Office

Director of Financial Aid, VA School Certifying Official

Estella Proctor
Phone: 512-492-3077

The Director of Financial Aid oversees the Financial Aid Department, manages the Federal Work-Study program, VA educational programs and benefits, maintains institutional regulatory compliance, and helps students and alumni with individual concerns and/or repayment issues.