AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine



Verification is the process by which the AOMA Financial Aid Office confirms the data reported by student borrowers on their FAFSA.

Not all borrowers are selected for verification. The federal government selects 30% of borrowers through a random process, or because the borrower submits a FAFSA that is incomplete or contains information that is inconsistent with records at other governmental offices.

When a student is selected for verification, the Financial Aid Office informs that student of their selection in writing, by mail or by email. The Financial Aid Office also informs the student of the required documentation and of the process for submitting that documentation. Examples of requested documents include, but are not limited to:   

  • income tax return for the year used for completion of FAFSA;
  • copy of birth certificate, or original unexpired Passport;
  • certificate of naturalization; and
  • social security card.

The selected student submits the required documentation to the Financial Aid Office and completes the Verification Worksheet with the Financial Aid Administrator. Based on the results of verification, the Financial Aid Office works with the student to make any necessary changes to the FAFSA or the disbursement amounts and submits those changes to the federal government.


Students are encouraged to submit the requested documentation as quickly as possible. The deadline for submitting verification documents to the Financial Aid Office is 60 days from the date the student is informed of their selection. The Financial Aid Office submits any corrections to the federal government within 120 days of the date the student is selected for verification, or by the verification deadlines published in the Federal Register. No Title IV aid will be disbursed to a selected student until that student has completed the verification process.


A student who has been selected for verification, informed of their selection by the Financial Aid Office, and who fails to provide documentation or to complete the verification process within the required time frame is not eligible to receive disbursements of federal financial aid.

If it is determined that a student has received funds that they were not entitled to receive, the student must repay that amount. If a repayment is not made, the overpayment will be referred to the Office of Inspector General.