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About the New AOMA Brand


About the New AOMA Brand

For more than 17 years, AOMA has been a leader in Chinese medical education by engaging our communities and by preparing compassionate and skilled practitioners who embody the art and spirit of healing.
With an internationally renowned faculty, new regional accreditation, and a new campus opening in the spring of 2011, AOMA’s reputation as a national leader in the field of acupuncture and Chinese medical education and health care continues to grow. AOMA’s brand identity is evolving along with the institution’s stature. Although Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin will remain our legal name, we will identify ourselves to the public as “AOMA”. We have adopted the new descriptor “Graduate School of Integrative Medicine,” a tagline that both matches our stature and gives us room for intentional growth.

In December 2009, AOMA hired independent public relations consultant Brenda Thompson to assist in repositioning the institution after achieving regional accreditation. Thompson worked with AOMA administrative staff to develop key messages based on AOMA’s mission, vision, and core values. In June 2010, AOMA contracted with Sibley/Peteet Design (SPD) to develop a new visual identity. After a critical analysis of the institution, SPD chose the Sage archetype (teacher, inspiration, compassion) to represent AOMA’s brand identity. They presented several rounds of logo options to members of the faculty, administrative staff, president's cabinet, and marketing team, who in turn provided feedback. In key stages of the process, the marketing team elicited feedback from students, faculty and staff. 

Logo and Colors
The AOMA logo is the most fundamental visual element of our brand identity. It is the tangible expression of all that we stand for as an institution of higher learning and as practitioners of integrative medicine. Through consistent and correct use of the logo, we will protect the integrity of our brand identity, as well as the growing recognition and value associated with it.

The official logo consists of the AOMA logotype with the graphic “O”, and the school descriptor. The forward-facing “O” shape in AOMA’s logo illustrates a bright future, the cycle of life, and the connection of earth and sky. In Chinese medicine the earth symbolizes grounded presence while the sky represents heaven and the spiritual aspects of life. The logotype was designed by a SPD staff member whose grandfather had been a barefoot doctor in China.

Our new logo represents the integration of many forms of medicine, and embodies the stature of a leading graduate school of Chinese medicine. It is a visual expression of our mission. The intent of our updated logo is to make a clear commitment to this mission and the innovation required to achieve it.

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