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AOMA Alumna speaks at Chinese…


AOMA Alumna speaks at Chinese medicine conference in Prague

AOMA Alumna Susan Ondrasek speaks at Chinese medicine conference in Prague

Susan Ondrasek, a 2008 graduate of AOMA, spoke at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference—Illnesses of the Third Millennium held November 25-28 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The conference theme focused on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspectives and treatments for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, strokes, and stress, as well as pain management, headaches, scar treatment, fertility, health maintenance, smoking and drug addictions. Speakers were acupuncturists, medical doctors, and psychologists.

A licensed acupuncturist practicing in Dallas and Austin, Ms. Ondrasek spoke on Friday, November 26, about treating obesity with acupuncture, herbs, exercise and TCM nutrition principles. At last year’s conference she spoke about treating fatigue with TCM nutrition principles.

Ms. Ondrasek was the only American among the 42 speakers from China, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, and Russia.

Peter Deadman, co-author of A Manual of Acupuncture, was one of the main speakers, talking about health maintenance.

About 150 people attended the event that was hosted by the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the country’s first acupuncture school. The conference also celebrated the school’s 20th anniversary.

Ms. Ondrasek’s practice combines acupuncture, zen shiatsu (Japanese acupressure), tuina (Chinese bodywork), Reiki, and Chinese herbs, with dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

During her three-week stay in Prague, which ends December 13, Ms. Ondrasek is treating patients and observing patient treatments by Chinese and Czech acupuncturists in Prague acupuncture clinics.

She lived and worked in Prague from 1995 to 1997 and 1998 to 2002 as an English teacher and as the special sections editor at The Prague Post.

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