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AOMA alumni published in Australian…


AOMA alumni published in Australian journal of Oriental Medicine

AUSTIN— A 2010 graduate of the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin has an article published in the May 2010 edition of The Lantern, a prestigious journal for traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. The journal is produced in Australia, which has a tradition of 120 years of Chinese medicine use among the non-Chinese population.

Thomas Richardson’s article, article, entitled “The Dynamic Flow of Qi at the Level of Humanity,” explores the concepts and interrelation of vertical and horizontal integration, some of their correspondences within Chinese medicine, and the ways in which they relate to experiential awareness and the evolution of consciousness.

According to Richardson, “The vertical and horizontal axes of integration are reflected in many aspects of Chinese medicine.  At one level, the vertical axis of integration is mirrored by the three dantian—the Heavenly qi of the upper dantian meets the Earthly qi of the lower dantian in the middle dantian. The expansion outward from (and return to) this central core is representative of horizontal integration.  These axes are also seen in the pulses, the dynamic flow of qi (ascending-descending, entering-exiting), the Fire element, the extraordinary vessels and fu, and the concepts of pre- and post-heaven.”

Richardson, who received his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain, acknowledges the guidance and editorial assistance of AOMA President William Morris in developing the article.

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