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AOMA President speaks at 8th…


AOMA President speaks at 8th Annual Canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium

AOMA President speaks at 8th Annual Canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium on Thursday, March 10th.

Take your pulse taking skills to another level with this demystified pulse technology training. Learn two specific pulse techniques that will enable you to extract different levels of information for use in diagnosis and treatment planning.

This day will be devoted to pulse technology discussed in the Pulse Classic. Morris has developed a practical application of the methods that Wang Shu-he presented and has consolidated and refined the knowledge in the clinic and with his students for more than 10 years.

The first section explores the 8 Extraordinary Vessel (8EV) pulse system. This is an effective and consistently useful application that leads to immediate clinical results. Since the 8EV pulse system is shape-based, it leads to heightened reliability between practitioners. The application of the pulses in the context of clinical conditions throughout the different phases of life will be discussed.

Morris has rendered a practical and focused application of the 6 Channel pulses for musculoskeletal conditions (the 6 Channel pulses are discussed in Chapter 10 of the Pulse Classic). This pulse method fits well with the methods of Master T’ung, and their practical application with T’ungs theories will be discussed. (Not the points, but rather, the theoretical underpinning of T’ung’s thought). This method is well-suited to high volumes of patients with little time.

This workshop is sold out.

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