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New campus signals grown in…


New campus signals grown in alternative medicine

YNN news came to AOMA's grand opening celebration on Sunday May 1st. Here's the news brief from the event. View the video and article here.

AOMA opened a new campus in South Austin on Sunday.

It's a symbol of growing demand at the graduate school, and a growing interest in alternative medicine.

"Chinese medicine is low tech," AOMA president Will Morris said. "It allows for a lower cost of entry into the healthcare system."

The school, which was located at a smaller campus off Anderson Lane, offers a four-year program in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and can allow students to get a license using those tools in most states.

Students said they see a bright future for this kind of alternative medicine.

"I can really see acupuncture moving into the mainstream of healthcare because it's affordable and it's not invasive," student Joshua Saul said.

AOMA also partners with the Seton McCarthy Community Health Center and others to offer alternative medicine to low-income patients.

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