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President William Morris in Acupuncture Today

AOMA president William Morris, DAOM, PhD, LAC regularly writes articles for Acupuncture Today. Read his article on Eastern Currents in the August edition.

Post-paradox: Room for View

Do we mix our ways of thought in collaboration? Closely guarded views can lead to isolation. This piece explores the notion of post-paradox as an inclusive worldview across disciplines. Essential to critical thinking, worldview influences all levels of research, education and practice in general but also acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Not a recommendation of method, I consider worldview related to how we think, create and present knowledge. Neither do I bias against quantitative proof, nor the hard 'proofiness' of randomized controlled trials. I seek a third, inclusive point of view that unifies qualitative and quantitative, subjective and objective, specific and general, calling it post-paradox.

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