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Herbal Outreach

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Herbal Outreach/Reduced Rate Program exists to aid members of our community afford beneficial acupuncture & herbal treatments. Qualified applicants may receive discounted/free student intern acupuncture and herbal formulas from AOMA Herbal Medicine. Download the PDF application for Herbal Outreach/RRP to begin the process at your first regular priced visit. Applicants will need to provide a detailed health history as well as documentation of financial need. Student Interns will complete a treatment path recommendation & then the completed application will be reviewed by the committee. Applications are approved on a term by term basis.

What is Herbal Outreach?

Herbal Outreach is a donation-driven program to provide discounts on Chinese herbal medicine for the clientele of AOMA. While relatively inexpensive in today’s medical system, long term herb use does become expensive after time. Herbal Outreach was created to aid the patient with a low income who is utilizing Chinese medicine as an integral ingredient in their health care.

Who is Eligible?

  • Elderly, fixed income
  • Large families with low income
  • Low income, long-term or severe illness
  • Recently unemployed 
  • Unable to work due to their medical condition

Applications also available from your student intern.

Donations are the Key!

Give whatever sized donation you can and we will ensure that every cent goes towards bringing people back to health. Thank you for your generosity! Donations to the Herbal Outreach fund may be made at either online or at AOMA Herbal Medicine by cash, check, or credit card.

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (512) 467-0370, Toll Free (800) 824-9987 ext 202