AOMA Plan to respond to Corona Covid-19 virus spread

Please see this youtube video for quick answers to common questions about Covid-19

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention & Treatment from clinical lessons learned in China - Down load here

Phase I (No community spread evident)

1. Take all precautions we would take during Flu Season

Infection prevention stations in clinics and other areas of high general or patient traffic (stations include masks when available, Kleenex, hand gel)
Any clinic patient coughing or exhibiting cold or flu like symptoms must mask
Staff who are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms must stay take time away from work to prevent infecting others
Frequent proper hand washing and use of hand gel is encouraged. See attached information from CDC on best practice for handwashing and gel use
Other infection prevention measures such as appropriate cleaning of classroom surfaces and other areas of common use

2. Remain in communication with Austin Public Health Department, State Health and Human Services department for any updates and recommendations. In addition, stay updated with CDC recommendations.

3. Ask patients about any recent travel to countries or cities, locations identified with infected individuals


Phase II (Community spread is likely) 

1. All same precautions as in Phase I

2. Ask staff to restrict and avoid travel, especially travel by plane or cruise ship. If travel occurs, we ask that staff disclose this. Staff will most likely be asked to self-quarantine for a period of time before returning to work.

3. Ask students to restrict and avoid travel, especially travel by plane or cruise ship. If travel does occur, we ask that students disclose this. Students will most likely be asked to self-quarantine for a period of time before returning to campus for classes.

4. Require staff to disclose if a family member is ill at home as the staff member may have been exposed and may be infectious even if no symptoms are evident. These staff members may be asked to remain at home rather than coming into the office.

5. Begin training faculty and students on electronic delivery of classes via Zoom. Utilize as needed for self-quarantined individuals that have been processed by academic advisors.

6. Because of limited mask supply nationally the health authorities are advising that we use limited supplies strategically. As patients are screened in our clinics there will be few patients that should be a concern in treatment rooms.

  • If there is concern, the patient should be masked. The Covid-19 virus is spread via droplet so masking the patient will prevent spreading droplets via coughing.
  • Use of a mask by the provider is not required if the patient is masked.
  • If the provider has a valid reason to mask and does not have his or her own mask the Clinic can provide – up to a point – again due to very limited supplies. We need everyone’s support with the supply shortages that currently exist.
  • Valid reasons for requesting a mask include:
    • Having been on air flights or cruise ships within last month.
    • Having chronic cardio-vascular or respiratory conditions or having diabetes.
    • Having immune-compromised condition.
    • Coughing or sneezing unrelated to a viral infection.
    • Being elderly – as defined by Medical Dictionary: 1. individuals over 65 years old who have functional impairments. 2. sometimes used to describe any adult over 75 years old.
  • We also need everyone’s support in following the recommended guidelines for personal protection.
    • If you are sick you should stay home.
    • We all must use proper hand washing techniques. All providers must wash or gel hands on entering and exiting a patient room.
    • All providers must disinfect surfaces in patient rooms between each patient.
  • Classrooms
    • We are wiping surfaces each morning – please wipe your table, chair, key board, mouse, remote controls, etc. after use.
    • Please maintain 3 to 6-foot distance from other persons.
    • Cover mouth with tissue or your elbow if you need to cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue away immediately.
    • Wash hands frequently (or gel).
    • Please be mindful of your impact on others.


Phase III (Community spread is active and Austin Public Health department is making specific recommendations) - AOMA is Currently in Phase III

1. All applicable steps of Phase I and II continue

2. Determine whether faculty, staff, students are contracting the virus and report updates to local health officials (e.g. Austin Health Department).

3. If onsite classes must be cancelled. Arrange for electronic delivery of classes via Zoom. All classes went on Zoom March 17, 2020 until re-opening at a time to-be-determined.

4. Clinics and retail stores must close until local health officials advise us otherwise.